Why is the School Default Budget so high?


I have been trying to figure out why the 2020 School Warrant DEFAULT budget is so high and nearly the same as the proposed budget for 2020-21. If the Default budget is nearly the SAME as the requested budget, your choices are being taken away by those you elected to represent you.
I don't think that we can adjust the default budget amount at the deliberative session but we can use the system to create a choice by making a motion to lower the ACTUAL 2020 requested budget amount for next year. To accomplish this, we will need a large voter presence on Saturday, February 1.

I always thought that the Default budget consisted of the amount we voted on last year which was $10,605,989 ....but the 2020 School warrant lists the amount as $11,224,223. That's $618,234 MORE! Apparently, "certain adjustments" are allowed to be added to the original number when they create a default budget. After doing some research, I believe I have the answer where the additional $618k came from.

Simply put:
We voted last year for a budget of $10,605,989
This was reduced by $478,000 due to a couple state and federal grants.
So the total appropriation was $10,127,989
To that number they have added the 2019 voted Paraprofessional pay increases at: $33,514
That brings the total to: $10,161,503
Then they have added $584,720 "in certain adjustments" to the above number for a total of $10,746,223
(I have listed the $584K breakdown below)
Then they have added $188,000 to the food service (fund 200) and $290,000 to the "grant fund 435".

Here's the math:

$10,161,503 (last year + para pay increase)
+ $584,720  ("certain adjustments")


+ 188,000 (food service)
+ 290,000 (grant fund 435)
Total: $11,224,223 which is the exact amount listed on the 2020 warrant for the DEFAULT budget.

This came from the SAU 101 Business Administrator and it confirms my above information.

This is a summary of the $584,720 increases. You can see it on this document at the link below along with a time line of changes.
2020-2021 Proposed WSB Default Budget

It is very interesting that the budget committee took out $58,000 in "regular education tuition" on 12-18 and it was added back in by the school board on 1-7 !
Pages 6-11 of the above listed document are where I got the numbers I am posting below.

Increases and decreases to the default budget are listed below:
Regular Ed: +$132,772
Special Ed: +$170,858
Co-Curricluar +$2,615
Athletics: +$317
Summer School: +$4
Truant Officer -($4,306)
Guidance: +$181
Nurse: +$11,362
Speech: +$1
Library: +$5,490
School Board -(200)
SAU Administration: +$38,660
Principal: +$8,261
Fiscal Services -($4,626)
Operation/maintenance +$43,027
Regular transportation +$53,905
Special Transportation +$106,615
Technology : +$20,055
Other -(271)

Total: $584,720 that has been added to arrive at the default budget.

J. M.

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    Thankyou for being so diligent on this. We need a new department of Justice JM.

    January 19, 2020

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