Trust takes years to build….seconds to break…and forever to repair.

There has been a lot of buzz about the results of two warrant articles we voted on in March…..the gymnasium and fireworks. Both efforts failed to pass, but it was a close vote. Possibly because of that, the Selectmen appear to have brought these topics back to the table for more discussion. This is actually a very predictable action. All politicians want to please everyone, especially their friends! It gets votes! Understanding this process might help calm some feelings. It’s just how politics work. I can’t get mad about that.

I have had a good working relationship with the Selectmen for years. They do a great job most of the time. However, trying to please everyone may take us in a dangerous direction that may erode the trust and confidence of the people they serve. If they can’t follow the will of the majority, even when they might not personally agree with it, we might as well stop voting. Residents who support overturning or creating loopholes for voting results are living in the wrong town. This isn’t Washington D.C.

My confidence was shaken last summer when our Selectmen so quickly supported signing up the taxpayers for a seven million dollar debt when there was no real plan and no true construction or long term cost established for the proposed gymnasium. Every other department in Town is required to account for every penny to buy a firetruck, ambulance, police cruiser and more… advance. We know exactly what we are buying and exactly what it costs BEFORE we buy it. Why did the Rec department get a pass on this process? Will this continue?
Make up your own mind by just looking at the players in this game. There were some heavy hitters trying to get a home run on this one. Some of them are still claiming some sort of fake victory. Only a week past the vote, some of our Selectmen were encouraging the losers to have another go at it next year. This can potentially decline voter turnout. How many times have you thought: “If we keep voting on the same thing every year what’s the use of voting?”

Fireworks have been outlawed in Wakefield for a long time. I still hear them at the lake all summer long. The police do their best, but enforcement is difficult and possibly low of the list of priorities for the already busy staff.
What perplexes me the most is those folks who move (or visit) here from somewhere else because they love it here…..and then they set out trying to make it just like where they came from. No disrespect intended, but can’t you guys just move to a Town where fireworks are legal? There are plenty!

It can be upsetting if we feel our elected leaders aren’t listening to us. Are we inching our way toward that?
If Wakefield’s elected leaders ignore “...letting the people decide...” the least they can do is hang a sign over the Town hall that reads: “We’re all equal, but some are more equal than others”. It’s sure beginning to look that way to me.

Jim Miller

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  1. relf said:

    It would be sweet to take a few years off from divisive issues. It’s sad to see neighbors hate each other because one doesn’t agree with the other….

    March 30, 2022
    • Anonymous said:

      I would hope it”s not hate, just strong opinion for or against.

      March 31, 2022
  2. Errold Glew said:

    I hope not hate, just a strong disagreement for or against, that’s what the people’s will is for.

    March 31, 2022

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