Relf Fogg speaks

I promised that I would begin interviewing local folks about issues that have an effect on us every day….and I'm delivering episode one. My first interview is with the one and only Relf Fogg. As a former and current School Board member, Relf has a first hand perspective about the past and current situation at our school.

He speaks about his past approaches, what he has learned from them, and his hope to use this knowledge for effective advocacy going forward. It's a fact that he is sometimes labeled as far-fetched and unconvincing by his critics, but one thing is abundantly clear this time around. He is very serious about increasing academic achievement levels while keeping an eye on the taxpayer's burden.

This interview is over 50 minutes long! That's what happens when you get two guys together who have lots to say. I have broken it into three parts. Take your time, have a cup of coffee and listen in while you check your email and browse the web.

I'm no Larry King but I would like to do one interview a week. I promise to get better at it! Who would like to be next? We can talk about any local subject. Contact me at talkingwakefield (at)

Please let me know about any playback issues.

Part 1 - The past (17 mins)

Part 2 - The now (14 mins)

Part 3 - Going forward (21 mins)

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  1. Joyce said:

    I’m not sure why but I could not listen to Part 1, Part 2 & 3 played fine. Other then that, the quality was great. I appreciate your blogs and the time you are giving to get info out to the town people and voters. All info and opinions are good.

    July 13, 2019
    • admin said:

      Thanks for the heads up. I just tried it on a different computer and my cell phone and it worked both times but there may be a reason for this. I’m not using a real podcast server yet because they all cost money. The file is embedded in my post and sent to you from my hosting site. This can cause hiccups if a lot of people are trying to listen at the same time. For now, probably the only thing you can do is try and listen in a few minutes later. If I hear this is an ongoing problem, I will make changes right away.


      July 13, 2019

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