James Reinert talks budgets

This is the second installment of "talking Wakefield" where you get to listen in on a conversation I have with a community member. I hope that there will be many more individuals who are willing to help our community by sharing their views on what is happening now and their ideas about how we might make things better.

Wakefield Budget Committee member James Reinert has sat on both sides of the tax dollar table. As a Fire Chief in a neighboring town he is well aware of the process required when asking for residents' hard earned money. He has experience with our school system as a parent. He pays taxes here. He knows that it takes funding to provide services. He understands that for many, their income does not keep pace with their increased expenses.

We talked about his first year's experience during the budget process of 2019 and what he feels feels may be coming in the next round of budget deliberations.

It's 37 minutes in two parts. I hope you find it enlightening.

Part 1 (20 minutes)

Part 2 (17 mins)

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