Isn’t Safety a priority?

There's an old saying: "Be careful what you wish may get it!"
That sure is proving true about the flashing speed signs that I posted a blog article about 2 days ago.

At last night's Heritage Commission meeting, Chairperson Pam Wiggin used her masterful manipulating skills to convince the group to vote to "....oppose solar flashing lights...." even though it was Heritage Commission members who actually initiated the process of getting these things three years ago.

The church has already paid for them. The State and Selectmen approved this (without seeing them). At the Selectmens meeting on August 14, I predict we will hear all the reasons why we can not do this simply because a certain person doesn't want a traffic calming device in front of her house. That will be fun to watch!

There's another old saying: "We're all equal but some are more equal than others!" Time will tell if this is proven to be fact in this Town.
For the history watch the Selectmens meeting of July 24. (Jump ahead to 20 minutes)

For the Heritage meeting go here and jump ahead to 1 hr 9 minutes:

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